giovedì 26 agosto 2010

How can the crisis of a system become a new opportunity?

Pubblichiamo la versione in lingua inglese dell'articolo "Come può la crisi di un sistema diventare una nuova occasione?" dello scorso dicembre. E'possibile leggere la versione italiana cercando l'articolo del Dicembre 2009 nel menu' calendario, oppure qui sotto, dopo questa versione inglese.

We have in our Blog, the English translation of an article that was made in December 2009. We believe that the contents are still very interesting.

How can the crisis of a system become a new opportunity?

The last few weeks in the calendar are the time when many operators in the textile and clothing sector work on the new strategies.

This year it is particularly difficult. The Industrial Association of Prato marks a decrease in turnover of around 30% per annum. Many of these companies probably will not reopen after the Christmas holidays. The challenges are many and all very difficult. And because all of this, it is not easy to judge objectively the situation even if a review must be given.

Should definitely have a "trim" business as possible performing. Who has not yet optimized their resources is probably out of the game.

Despite all the difficulties, I remain convinced that the world of fashion clothing and industry from Prato, can still expect new interesting ideas. The majority of companies, are rightly focuses on the classic track which they have always offered their products. The collections are designed and made by following the same method. However it is possible that we need a rethinking of these processes. On the other hand, interpret the problem of innovation only with the decentralization of the production processes maybe simplistic and perhaps not so interesting for everyone.

I am not convinced that the production system is the resource Prato. Perhaps we need to think in new ways. I try to explain my self better, even if my desire it is only to give some elements for reflection and not a rough provocation that would not lead to anything.

In Prato, this crisis, is making itself felt more than elsewhere, and this is evident. But it is not the only evidence. Prato is an area where "you show" the weaknesses of a system that now seems to be at the end. In my opinion, it is in this progressive weakness of the system that we should focus our attention. What is truly our greatest resource? The system, the method used to date? And more generally, the famous "Made in Italy" is really relegated to a method, a way you do things? I am convinced that men are to make the system and not vice versa. When the positions overturn everything is paradoxical. It would be really an absurd paradox if the crisis of a system kill whoever invented it. The Prato industrial system worked because there were men that with their creativity have designed and implemented it.

Every day I meet people of great value in the textile district of Prato. Their creative pontential risks to remain unexpressed because of a political surrender, in the worst sense of the term, that is “decided by others”. It is a wrong judgment that causes this surrender, a wrong judgment that makes you think about the circumstances as if there were no men at work. I do not match it. The circumstances without the man are only "things", when used by humans become an opera. The risk is to be “satisfied” saying - "there are no orders" - rather than focus on people at work. The performance is the result of a method. And it is the man who can understand, which brings together the problem with its solution, which smells of new possibilities and priorities, which may decide to change the method to follow the object that must be faced.

I hope this will be a useful contribution.