Services to the customer

Each new season:
We present the new collections we represent, at all of the trade fairs for the markets on which we work.  

We organize meetings at our clients’ premises and turn our full attention to understanding of which articles clients are most in need.

We oversee the entire marketing development process, from preliminary sampling through finished product delivery. 

We conduct on-site inspections to verify that what is sent by suppliers corresponds, in quality terms, to what our clients have in fact ordered. For this reason, we have our own Offices with qualified personnel at the locations of productions.

Such factors as observance of the quality standards set for goods, precise, punctual delivery, and clear communications between client and supplier are critically important and call for competent, professional management – skills that we, thanks to our lengthy experience in the sector, can confidently offer. 

Supplier Services

We provide consulting services concerning products and quality/price ratios.

We guarantee a constant presence in the territory, with the aim of kindling clients’ interest in the collections of the suppliers we represent.  

We promote the collections through participation in all the sector trade fairs held in our areas of competence, with striking stand presentations.

We manage organization of invitations and visits by our clients to the stands of our suppliers on occasion of the top international trade fairs, as full-service representatives and marketing intermediaries.

We act as sales office for the markets we serve. We conduct all the necessary back-office activities and handle relations between suppliers and clients.

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